Easter 2006 in Washington State & New Orleans
Watercolor & Acrylic on Paper        40 1/2" x 54" Fr      $24,000. Fr

"Stella and I spent the Easter of 2006 with our son, Mark Damian, and his family in the Seattle area.  Together, we took an overnight drive north to within 50 miles of the Canadian border.  The highlight of our trip was a visit to a tulip farm; the air was old and crisp, fresh as it flowed through our nostrils.  The acres and acres of different colored flowers seemed surreal, almost like a movie set.  Stella and I thought how different it was, compared to the destruction and suffering we left only days earlier, as if Katrina had happened a century before in some distant land, the subject of archeologists and history professors.  Distance, like time, changes many things."  By Rolland Golden

(C) Rolland Golden