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National Watercolor Society  (CA):
 Grumbacher Purchase Award
 Winsor Newton Cash Award
 Cartwheel Cash Award
 Brugger Cash Award
 Helga Hansen Memorial Cash Award
Watercolor U.S.A. (MO):
 Springfield Art Museum Cash Awards (2)  
 Thomas Hart Benton Purchase Award (2)
 Winslow Homer Memorial Award
 Landmark Bldg. Purchase Award
National Arts Club (NY):   First Place (3)                                                                                                                                                                         Salzman Award 12/03
 N.A.C. Second Place Award (2)
 President's Award: One-man show
 Fourth Place
 Grumbacher Silver Medal
 Honorable Mention (2)
American Watercolor Society (NY):
 Paul Remmey A.W.S. Memorial Award
Rocky Mountain National Water media (CA):
 Colorado Water media Award (2)
 Grumbacher Cash Award
 Art Hardware Award
 Art Association Cash Award
National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic (NY):
 Barney Paisner Memorial Cash Award
 David Soloway Cash Award
 Michael Engle Memorial Award 
Mainstreams (OH):
 Award of Excellence
Watercolor West (CA):
 Grumbacher Silver Medallion 
 Second Place
Georgia Watercolor Society (GA):
 Columbus Bank & Trust Award
 Rebecca Coleman Memorial Award
 Dick Blick Cash Award
 Friedlander Award
 Samuel Burton Spence Award
Michigan Watercolor Society (MI):
 Cash Award
Louisiana State Annual (LA):
 First Place
Allied Artists of America (NY):
 Gloria Benson Stacks Award
National Academic Artists Assn. (MA):
 Catok Memorial Cash Award
 Graphic Arts of Springfield
Mid-West Watercolor Society (MN):
 Second Place: Skyledge Award
 American Academy of Art Award
Audubon Artists (NY):
 Zinns Ltd. Award
 Theo & Kathleen Hios Award
Pittsburg Watercolor Society (PA):
 Pittsburg Watercolor Society Award
Gulf States Annual (AL):
 Horizon City Purchase Award
 First National Bank of Sears Roebuck
(Partial Listing)

2006 Rolland Golden
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