Calm After The Storm

Original Lithograph
Edition: 300 #'d & 30 E.A.
21 1/2"x32 1/2" Unfr   $800. Unfr

The "Calm After the Storm" painting was produced for the "FrancoFete" celebration, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the founding of Louisiana by France in 1699. Since I felt it was the "A"-typical Louisiana scene, I decided to do a lithograph of the same subject. I have been producing my lithographs in Paris for a dozen years and traveled there the fall of 1998 to execute this print. At the Atelier IDL, with my good friend and master printer Frederic Possot, I worked the entire month of October using 14 colors to execute the lithograph. The density of the inks from the flat-bed press gives it the look of a painting.

(C) Rolland Golden