Coming Back

Acrylic/Canvas       47" x 43" Fr     SOLD

"After my exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art, I was still feeling the need to express my emotion about the suffering and destruction wrought by Katrina.  But, I felt I needed to put a little more hope into this body of work.  Thus, I created "Coming Back", which creates a dichotomy between the newly constructed and the still remaining ruble of those destroyed - between the new and the old - between the unique architecture of New Orleans and the sameness of the new - between lives lost or changed forever and a new life in the future.
Some of the tumbled architectural pieces are meant to be reminiscent of chess pieces, signifying that life is a long series of choices and chances - the outcome of which is usually unknown in advance.  The newly constructed houses are the same design; but, they offer the same things: hope and a future."  by ROLLAND GOLDEN

(C) Rolland Golden