A series of small works recently produced by Golden with white cows (Charolais), as the dominant subject.  A portion of the image is laser printed on acid-free watercolor paper and the remainder is painted with acrylic, watercolor and/or pencil, making them mixed media. 

There are 5 different depictions of cows with 5 different variations of each.   The (C) on the bottom left of each Mixed Media will NOT be on the actual work - is simply on the web. $1,100. per variation unframed

Click each of the 5 images below to open a new window/page with all available variations of each of these scenes

   MOTHER & TWINS - click to view page with variations      WATCHFUL EYES - click to view page with variations     REST STOP- click to view page with variations  

           STROLL ON THE LEVEE- click to view page with variations      PROTECTIVE MOTHER- click to view page with variations

                                                  (C) Rolland Golden 2009

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 (C) 2009 Rolland Golden
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