East - West Games

Original Lithograph      Edition: 250 #'d     21"x32" Unfr   $800. Unfr

"One of the first paintings I did in my game-landscape series was inspired by 
my view from our apartment in New York.  I worked just next to giant windows, 
20 feet or more high, overlooking Manhattan.  One evening, as I was painting, 
I looked out just at dusk and thought how the buildings reminded one of 
dominoes and visa-verse.  Sometime later, we were in the Louvre Museum in 
Paris, looking out some equally giant windows across the river Seine to the 
old buildings on the other bank.  I had the same thought as when in New York
and determined to do a print of the concept.  Standing some of the dominoes 
on end enhanced the relationship and the reflections in the door helps the 
viewer understand its Paris;  East Bank - West Bank."

(C) Rolland Golden