Harmony I

Original Lithograph       Edition: 150 #'d       21"x32" Unfr   $800. Unfr

"Not long after producing the lithograph REVERIE and PARC MYSTERIEUX, I 
returned to New York to work again with Burr Miller & Sons.  I wanted to 
express my image-merging concept in a different way;  so, we printed HARMONY 
I and II.  The tiles, spots on the trees, panes of glass in the doors and 
leaves;  all have something in common:  they fracture space into small 
pieces, but retain their natural character.  It's a perfect example of a 
style of my work, which I have dubbed "border-line surrealism".  Its 
theoretically possible, but highly unlikely.  Pure surrealism is the 
presentation of something that is totally impossible."

(C) Rolland Golden