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2015 Louisiana Legends Honorees

  Click this link, then scroll down to photo of honorees and watch video of award ceremony: http://www.lpb.org/index.php/legends

  Click this link to view an interview of Rolland on LPB's ARTROCKS Show            http://www.lpb.org/index.php/programs/artrocks_epi_single/season_2_-_episode_222

About the Legends Honor - The Louisiana Legends Awards Gala and Auction is a very special annual event hosted by Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting and by Gov. and First Lady Jindal serving as honorary co-chairs.

LPB's Louisiana Legends series highlights outstanding Louisianans who have distinguished themselves in a variety of disciplines including writing, art, entertainment, politics, public service and athletics. Featuring insightful biographical videos and in-depth interviews with host Beth Courtney, these shows provide intimate glimpses into the lives of the state's most influential, visionary and successful citizens


2015 Rolland Golden
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