Snake Eyes

Original Lithograph       Edition: 250 #'d
21"x32" Unfr   $800. Unfr

"This lithograph came about after I had finished with my autumn series.  I  began a group of work around the concept of something in common, between  apparently disparate images, primarily games and landscapes.  While dominoes  is not a game I enjoy, I do like the domino pieces themselves.  I used them  in several paintings, as well as two lithographs.  Birch trees are another  favorite of mine;  so, I placed the dominoes on a glass top table with tiled  floor visible through the glass - dots on the dominoes, spots on the trees.   A pair of dice rests atop the table, their "Snake Eyes" showing.  And, we  mustn't forget the moon.""
(C) Rolland Golden