Spring Sisters

Original Lithograph
Edition: 300 #'d .
21"x30" Unfr   $800. Unfr

"The production of this lithograph is the subject of a 35 minute video. It began with my driving to a spot about 1 mile from our house. It's a field where black and white, spotted cows graze; during springtime it is filled with small, wild yellow flowers. My French printer referred to them as "Buton d'Or" - Golden button. There are several dairy farms in St. Tammany Parish (Louisiana) and it has a long history of being a dairy area. Fortunately for me, black and white, spotted cows are one of my favorite subjects; I painted my first one in 1971 and still paint them almost every year. This lithograph was printed in Paris at I.D.L. atelier and required 14 colors. It was printed on a flat-bed press which contributes to its lush color density. "Spring Sisters" was part of the Paris City-wide "Month of the Print" exhibition in June 1997."

(C) Rolland Golden