Titles of Artwork on the Website


1960’s Crossing II

1960’s Crossing IV

A Passive Winter Day

A Passive Winter’s Day – Study

A Sign of Things to Come

After School

Along Bayou LaFouche

American Icons

America The Beautiful

An Evening Aboard The Mississippi Queen

Angel’s Trumpet

Angle Estate

An Urn for Laura

Apartments With A View

Approaching Cold Front

Arche a Goudeville

Auburn – Plantation Evening Series

Autumn Remnants – Study

Autumn Tapestry Variation 2

Autumn Tears

Banana Blues

Barn Boogie Woogie

Before The Dirge

Before The Parade


Blue Ridge Evening I

Braithwaite Revisited II

Breaking Evening

Breaking Morning

Bricks & Boards


Cliffs At Trouville

Competing With The Louvre

Contains Lead

Cooler in The Shade

Crimson Clover on the Trace

Crystal Evening II

Damian’s Escape

Day Coach

Days End


Dordogne Grazing

Downtown Clarksdale

Early Spring Rain Near The Levee

Easter 2006 In Washington State & New Orleans

Entering The Red Zone

Evening Contrast - Udderly Cold Noelle

Evening To Dusk I

Fall Crop II

Fall on the River

Family Reunion

Fiery Sunset III

Fleurance Market, France I

Football Season I

Football Season II

From The Bank

From The Sandbar

Garonne – Southern France

Gulf Coast Sunset II

Harmony – Variation 1 - Mixed Media

Hell & High Water I

Hell & High Water II

Hell & High Water III

Highway Neighbors II

Holy Day

I Am Always with You

January Afterglow II

January Afterglow III

July Evening

Lake Vista Plea

Le Déjeuner

Look up to God

Marche de Puce

Marche à St. Clar

Mid-City Gloom

Mid-town Facades

Mississippi Sculpture

Modern Royalty

Morning Fog

Mother & Twins - Mixed Media

Muddy Crossing

Natchez Cottage

No Papers Today

On The Way to Chateau Montegut

Over My Shoulder

Over the Bank

Ozark Panarama

Paradise Point

Passing Deer Park

Passing Natchez

Pastel River I

Pete’s Tavern

Pigeon Haven

Protective Mother - Mixed Media

Rain From Spain

Rapid River

Rest Stop - Mixed Media

River Road

River Sculpture
Robust Evening

Rushing River

Sandbar South of Baton Rouge

Sandbar South of Baton Rouge – Study

Scattered Thundershowers

Scattered Thundershowers – Study

Searching For An Up ramp

Shenandoah Dusk

Sherbet Sunset II

Shotgun Row

Sienna Evening

Smelling Rain

Soggy Day

Southern Lines

Spring Flood

St. Mary’s & Neighbors

Striking Beyond

Sunnyside Up

Sunset At Cemetery Ridge

Sunset Over Vidalia 3

Tennessee Dogwood

The Cream Cheese Maker

The Other Side Of Stop

The Uninspired Artist

Tour De France

Udderly Cold – Noelle - Mixed Media

Universal Games

Valentre Bridge at Cahors

Van Gogh’s Inspiration

Vibrant Evening

Victims of Inspiration

Vidalia Levee Ladies I

Vidalia Levee Ladies III

Vidalia View – Study

View From Rolland’s Studio Port – Study

View of Puymirol

Virginia Fog

Watchful Eyes - Mixed Media

Wind From The Pyrenees
Winter Barn V

Young Fats

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