2016 Memoir:  "Life, Love, & Art in the French Quarter" Written by Rolland Golden                                                                          

                                                                     ARTIST STATEMENT                                                                                             

 "From the day I graduated from the John McCrady Art School in 1957 until now I have tried consistently to improve and dig deeper into myself to express that which meant the most to me.  In the process, I have painted many things and used several styles, or methods to do so.

I have been called an "abstract realist" and for much of my work it seems an apt term. Early on, I was a representative realist, but I gradually added more geometry to my work, trying not to lose the emotional content while retaining the intellectual. I now arrange nature instead of just painting it.

I have used symbols to express certain thoughts, especially with my series on the American Civil War as well as the demolition of historical buildings in the central business district of New Orleans.   I've also developed, and used, a style I call "borderline surrealism", realistic imagery in a not impossible, but highly unlikely situation.

I have put together disparate images in such a way as to reveal a common character between them, games and landscapes, spotted cows and mud puddles. These not only contained reality and abstraction; they broke space into many segments.

My feelings for the French countryside, (from my 2 New York shows in the 1990's), were almost pure emotion and the paintings reflect that: Still, there can be felt, if not seen, the subtle geometry or space control I demand.

In sum, I use my art to express my feelings and thoughts about my environment, life, observations, and visions that literally come to me at night. For me, art is about self-expression."    ROLLAND GOLDEN

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